Mr. Clayton Hagerman

Mr. Clayton Hagerman

Founder & Managing Partner, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM LLC


  • Founder / Managing Partner, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM, LLC
  • Founder / Chairman, Quick Reaction Foundation (501c3)


  • Director, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP
  • Navy Intel Officer, US Special Operations Command

Founded in 2016, MicroPlanned CommunitiesTM, LLC acquires, develops and manages urban residential rental communities. We provide gated housing supply with fair rates and flexible terms to working class American’s earning below median income. Hagerman is responsible for acquiring land, design and engineering, regulatory and compliance, permitting, developing roads and utilities, modular construction of rental cottages, and turnkey property management.

Founded in 2014, the Quick Reaction Foundation, a 501c3, ( provides immediate solutions for the health, welfare and maintenance of special operation warriors and their families. The QRF's value-based vision for military and veteran philanthropy seeks to remedy areas of need that are overlooked and underserved. To date, the QRF has passed 99.8% donations through to programs.

Prior thereto, Hagerman was a director of client and business development at Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.  Kayne manages approximately $30 billion of assets in private investment partnerships and public closed-end funds focused on energy, real estate and middle market credit.

Prior thereto, Hagerman served as a Lieutenant in the US Navy Reserves, serving on active duty from March 2009 to March 2012.  Clayton was assigned to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) with duty stations in Tampa, FL and Logar Province (Camp Dahlke), Afghanistan.

Prior to his call to service, Clayton was a co-founder and Chief Investment Officer for an operating partner of a proposed Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) backed fund focused on distressed real estate assets in the United States.  Prior thereto, he was a founding management team member and VP of Mergers & Acquisitions of a company that effected a successful consolidation within the highly fragmented Information Technology and Telecommunication services sector.

Clayton received an MBA from Rice University, BBA from Southern Methodist University, and is a high school graduate of New Mexico Military Institute. He received a direct commission in the US Navy Reserves in November 2007 and concluded his reserve duty in December 2015.

Clayton and his wife, Holly Rice, were married in Newport, RI in July 2010.  In March 2018, they welcomed their first child, Harrison Holt.