“We ended up being much more successful in fundraising at the event than I would have expected.  We raised nearly $200,000 from folks we met at your event that day.  There are others who have wanted to invest more than $1,000,000 but we had to turn them away because we were not raising that much. So it was a big success for us…… Given our success, we would absolutely love to get more involved in future DC finance events and sponsor future events and get involved in your organization”

Dooma Wendschuh, Province Brands of Canada, Sponsor


“I really enjoyed the entire experience. There were great panelists and very high quality families as well. I’d be happy to speak at other conferences.”

Jaynie Schultz, Family Member and Speaker


“Great conference. I am glad to see that Texas is getting the recognition it deserves with a conference here in Dallas. I am already in contact with a number of the of investment vehicles who attended the DCF Conference. Please be sure to send me an invitation to next years event.”

Ralph Hunkins, Managing Director, Real Revenue Ventures, Attendee


“Thank you so much for hosting the event in Dallas and want you to know that the feedback from others has been very positive. You certainly had a good group represented from the Dallas area”

Mike Lawshe, Managing Partner, Tejas Fund, Bezanilla Family Office, Attendee


“Wanted to say thank you for the conference yesterday. Our team found it to be a wonderful experience with many intelligent individuals and groups. We look forward to participating in future DC conferences”

Matt Gropp, Blue Hall Capital, sponsor


“I really enjoyed your event and speaking at it.  I enjoyed the Schultzes and their final presentation of the day – impressive people. Anyway, nice to meet you all and play a part.  Well done on a good event”

George Seay, Chairman, Annandale Capital


“There is real magic in what you are doing and I think there is a lot more you can do”

David Folk, Dinner Sponsor, NEXT



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